Saturday, January 14, 2012

Crazy Chickens!

Our hens (14 of them) have laid ONE egg short of six doz eggs in one week!

(Far lower left corner is the missing egg) But I still will get some more eggs on Sunday morning before I go to Church. I'm so glad that I have buyers at my church that will buy all that I bring.

I get $2 for a doz and I put that money in the Chicken Feed Cup and when we get low on food for them we go and get some more.

There is no way we can eat that many eggs in one week. Before I had buyers, I was a making quiches and also old fashion pound cake. Kind of sad when you get giddy over a recipe that uses more then five eggs!

Not sure why the hens are laying more. Their egg production should have gone down with it being cold and not as much daylight, not go up!


  1. Excuse me miss egg lady, where are my eggs? I'm still waiting for a dozen!!!!!

    Love the new header, very nice!

  2. I keep planning to get chickens, but never pull the trigger. I buy them fresh from the neighbor for $2, but really should get my own. I'd have to keep them penned because Austin would chase them.

  3. I have an egg money cup also. At the moment the chickens are paying for themselves and the goats.

  4. Those are some busy ladies!!

  5. My ladies's production has also gone up - while daylight is still short its also increasing rapidly so made that is why...