Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Work Rant!

Okay, you all know that I love love working at the library! Best job ever, and I do mean that. My rant is about some of the patrons that come in, and by some, I mean the young adults, and by young adults, I mean the high school kids that come in when school gets out.

These are the kids that aren't readers, they come in to kill time. They are loud, they take books and "hide" them. I find young adult books stuffed inside other books. Books are taken off the shelf and then put back in upside down or backwards! ( Little heathens!) I found a book that has been missing for a few weeks tucked inside the "Girls Life" magazine box holder. That book did not accidentally get put there!

If I owned a library? I would have the young adult section up front and center so I could give them the stink eye!

On the plus side, we do have a nice group of young adults that stick around in the library, they come in to do school work, use the computers, and get books. I like them.

I got one of the "bad" young adults in trouble last night! Her dad called up at around six pm and wanted to talk to her, Um, golly gee, she left a few hours ago! Boy, do I feel bad or what?


  1. So your worst problems are books upside down and backwards? I'd say you got a pretty sweet job. Job security baby - if stuff wasn't misfiled, why would you be needed?

  2. I guess I don't miss those kind of days. Were you double "A" annoyed today?

  3. I suppose you'd rather be back dealing (how many hours a day and how many days a week) with cry baby pilots or irate passengers??!! You crack me up!! So, what's happening with the soap making?

  4. I was just going to say something about working with pilots and mx's.... but, someone above beat me to it!!


  5. I did Rose.. I remember good ole AirPac days and dealing with the flight attendants, too!!
    Krissy - did you get my voicemail about being in MSP in April for Engineer training?? Was thinking about coming a couple days ahead of time to see you if that would work for ya.

  6. Alrighty then! I have been a bad blogger and a worse blog reader. I had to go back to April 2011 to figure out what has been going on in your world and particularly to find out who, what, when and where this TJ came onto the scene!! You know I love your blog because if it doesn't have me laughing, it at least has me smiling. I need a cutter for my square truffles - I'll have to have Caleb eyeball your picture of your soap cutter.