Thursday, January 26, 2012

Getting Cranky!

Well, I just spent about 30 minutes online with the State of WI paying the Sales Tax that I had to collect for all the soap that I sold for 2011. Once I figured out how to get into the system then it was pretty fast. But up to that point? Not a pretty picture.

Why can't they have a tab/button that says " Don't keep track of all that passwords/ID/numbers/Login for the past year? The click here" That button would be so helpful!

Did you ever stop to think just how many passwords, login ID's that you have out there?

I now have a headache!


  1. sounds like you should have titled this post just "cranky" !!

    I have a list of my user names and passwords.. 2 pages!! I figure if something ever happened to me, Bill would be dead in the water!! I know I shouldnt have a list, but too bad.. I cant remember them all!!

    hope the rest of your week is better!!


  2. I finally got myself a small notebook and now I'm writing down all my logins and passwords for work and personal stuff. It sure has made a big difference for me!

  3. We keep a little notebook also. It's impossible to remember all the passwords and usernames required of us. I try to use similar ones but many systems require something different so I can't. Good luck with taxes!

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