Thursday, February 2, 2012


I know that up in Alaska they are having some of the worst weather they have had in year, but here in Wisconsin? It feels like spring. Yesterday it got up to 43 (Temp at the bank sign) and when I got of work the temp was 39. Can you believe that? 39 above on Jan 29 at 5.15pm?

I just wish the sun would shine a little bit. It's been gray. I know, stop my complaining as we have it pretty good.

Maggie, the fluffy dog, has an ear infection, we are having to clean her ear out and then put some "stuff" in it. She does not like that part of it. It must bubble and tickle her as she shakes her head to get it out. But we rub it in good and deep so the meds stay put.


  1. It got up to 71 in Pueblo Tuesday. Supposed to get (hopefully) snow starting tonight - we need it badly. What good snows we had last year are dried up due to the "Dutch Harbor" winds we have been getting

  2. We have that problem with Taz - she gets recurring ear problems. Shaking their heads is good though because it helps distribute the gooey medicine into all the nooks and crannies. It won't be long before her ears clear up and she feels better.

  3. We have been having some nice Wisconsin weather; but it'll change. They are already predicting another Arctic Blast next week. That was nice that you were able to get in some Alaska time again:) AND what about those chickens! Wow... you got some good layers there. I buy eggs every week from a farmer. $2.00 a dozen and worth every penny. I can't stand the flavor of eggs from the store anymore.

  4. I'm enjoying this mild winter too, but am soooo ready for spring/summer - OUTSIDE time.

    Hope her ears get better soon.

  5. The snow is past 8 feet in Anchorage. We have mountains of snow and the Muni says they have run out of space to put it! When it isn't snowing it is BEYOND "refreshingly brisk"!!