Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Not much

I know, my life is on the boring side some times. And also I'm sick. There has been some kind of yucky stuff going around and I had not gotten it yet and I was feeling a little pride about my immune system.

Well, that immune system hit the dust over the weekend and I got a nasty cold and, well, we wont talk about what I'm producing in my nose. (You're welcome mom!)

This will be the second day I have off due to being sick. You know, you can only watch so much T.V. but then, I don't so much as watch TV, it's more like in and out of napping on the couch.

Just a note. I have clicked the spell check button three times so far (I'm not "great" speller, and I know my family is rolling on the floor with that statement as it's a under statement) and no misspelling! Wow, I must be getting good!


  1. So proud of you keeping up on your blogging but then I can't nag you!! Make ya up a warm salt water mixture and sniff it up your nose (be sure and have lots of paper towels handy and be over the sink!!) - best way to clear out the crud!!! Lots of the crud going around here - pnemonia & broncitus (o.k. I need spell check!!). Looking forward to you seeing me in April!! "N.N.N.N."

  2. I don't like the new Blogger comment sections or did you add the "reply" thing in on purpose? Sometimes there is no place to leave a comment unless you click reply, then the comment section comes up. I don't think all the bugs are worked out yet. Don't get too prideful about your one post that has no spelling errors, pride goeth before a fall. You missed a word and your punctuation sucks. Love ya!

  3. Dear Sister,

    If spell check does not catch it, is it still spelled worng? No, not with the way I do things! And grammer was not part of the conversation! So there. Love you too.