Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Life always changes. Some are big and some are small. One of the smaller changes is that I have decided to sell my goat milk business. By that I mean, I will still make small batches of soap for home use but I'm not going to make it for sale. There are a few reasons that I decided to to this.

One is that I'm not really the type that can do one on one sales. I can do it, but I don't enjoy doing it. I kind of have the attitude, buy the soap or don't. I got tired of making the "pitch"

I did not like being committed to having to go to summer farmers market every Saturday for six hours. Some parts I will miss, like the fellow market people that have become friends. I wont miss the hot humid weather or the rainy days and on the same note, there are some fellow market people that I wont miss.

I do not like the paperwork side of owning a small business. For such a small return on my business I had a lot of stuff to keep track of. From what I bought to what I sold. That is not my skill set!

I already have someone buying all my supplies. The milk, the oils and the scents and to everything in between has been sold. Maybe later on in life I will get back to it on a commercial level. I did like having goats. I did and still do enjoy making soap, kind of like blending cooking and chemistry.


  1. Awwww, I will miss your soap Krissy. My skin will never be the same, sniffle, sniffle!

  2. Not making and selling your soaps should free up a lot of time for you Krissy. I still have a bar from you, still in it's wrapper! Great soap...

    Are you keeping your goats?

  3. And I will miss your soap, too!!! Hope you have some stocked up for sale when I get there.

  4. glad you brought me some when you came to visit... thanks!!


  5. girl - call or email me, please! I obviously have missed a TON of good juicy gossip... :) WHO THE HECK IS TJ? <3

  6. You are just too busy with love and such now for soap :)