Monday, February 13, 2012

Best ever mushrooms!

Sorry, no picture to share of the Best Mushroom Dish. A few Saturdays ago, while out for a weekend drive (That's our form of entertainment) we decided to got to Applebees for lunch. I had something and the side was a portabella mushroom with spinach. It was good, but I was pretty sure that I could make a better one. So I did.

This Saturday, (After our drive) for dinner I made steak and mushrooms. I heated up a iron skillet with olive oil, and placed gill side down, two large rinsed portabella mushrooms and then put a lid on it so they would cook and steam at the same time. They were very thick.

While that was cooking I took some fresh spinach, rinsed it, placed it in a pan with a little olive oil, and two cloves of minced garlic and cooked that down till the water was evaporated. When done I placed it on a cutting board and chopped fine so you wouldn't have long spinach stems in your mouth.

Back to the mushrooms, I flipped them gill side up and cooked them till done. Then I placed the chopped spinach inside the caps, put some Parmesan cheese on top, placed under the broiler and when brown, served with the broiled steak. They were so good. TJ gave a two thumbs up and said I can make those for dinner anytime. And I will, but I think that I will use Swiss cheese next time.


  1. yum yum - gonna make them for me when I see ya??

  2. wow.. that sounds really good. I also found a recipe for making "pizza" in a portabela mushroom I think I'll try one of these days.


  3. The mushroom recipe sounds really good Krissy. Going out to lunch at Applebee'!

  4. Sounds yummy! You always were a creative cook. :))