Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Tuesday Morning

I have been feeling lately that I have nothing to blog about. Well, yesterday I went into the ditch big time. As I was going into the ditch I thought to myself, "Self, you can blog about this!"

Okay, truth be told, that was not what I was thinking about as I was going off the road, my thoughts were more like "Oh crap, I hope there is not a lot of water under that snow, I wonder how much this is going to cost me? What kind of damage is this going to do to the truck?

We had about three inch's of heavy wet snow last night and as I was going South bound a D.O.T. grader with a big blade was coming North bound. His blade was over the center line so I slowed down and hugged the right shoulder. I could feel the ruts and muck grab at my tires, I got out of that and then I was spinning ever so gently down the road and then I was going in to the ditch.

I had to climb on my hands and knees to get out of it as it was pretty steep. Pulled out the cell phone, no service, flagged a passing car and got a ride to the gas station. From there I called a tow truck. After about a half hour of waiting, they showed up and we went and pulled my truck out. The driver found my front plate and handed that to me.

All in all, I have a hand size dent on the front left side, missing some panel, and the front plate.
Truck runs fine. I'm fine. Not so bad.


  1. HOLY COW! How scary!! Glad you are ok! Rotten cell service in that area for sure.

  2. Oh s@*% - glad you weren't hurt and the truck not damaged too bad. Hum - do I really want you to drive me around in April???!!!! NNNN

  3. Wow, glad you're ok! Going in the ditch is scary. Good you got help right away.