Friday, March 30, 2012

Cha, Cha, Cha, Changes

Lots going on right now in our lives (That "our" is TJ's and I) We have put the house up for sale and plan on moving about 40/50 miles East of where we live.

We want more land but, we don't want to be smack dab in the middle of flat farm fields. When I moved here from Alaska to Wisconsin, I was charmed by all the fields around me. I still like them, but there are some downsides. A few are, the smells when they fertilize (liquid cow poop), when they spray pesticides with the helicopters flying over the house, and on dry windy days you get a field of dirt up your nose and in your house (That is if you forget to close all your windows!)

I understand all that, and I know that what the farmers do, needs to be done for them to make a living, I'm just no longer "charmed" by it.

We are looking for trees, hills, oh and a shorter commute to jobs. Right now TJ drives 70 miles round trip for work and with the price of gas and the expected rise in the price of gas, and the time involved it's not fun.


  1. About fell out of my chair with a new post!! NNNN

  2. what the heck?? thought you were going to move thousands of miles North?? our gas went up to $4.57/gallon on Monday(about an hour after I paid $4.51/gallon) I decided to keep driving the car until Fall, then we'll sell it.