Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cluck Cluck

I just looked in the freezer, we have 9 whole chickens and about 4 chickens cut up in packs, you know, some thighs, some legs, and breast. You don't always want to have a whole chicken to eat.

I cleaned out the coop this morning and thought that I would show you the nest boxes that my sweetie (TJ) made. He did this last fall when we took down the coop that I made (Very strudy as it had lots and lots of nails!) and made the old goat pen into a larger chicken pen.

Here's one of the girls getting ready to lay us an egg. They sure do make a loud noise when done.

Want to know what I really love about the new nest boxes? TJ made it so that you don't have to go inside the coop to collect eggs. He made is so that you can open a door on the outside of all the boxes and so then all you have to do is collect. Very nice not having to get your shoes all poopied up. (and just FYI, chicken poop stinks and is really hard to get off your shoes. Very sticky.)


  1. In the last picture it looks like an egg carton sitting below. Do you have them trained to just fill up the carton for you? ha ha ha That TJ does nice work.

  2. Very nice!!

  3. That TJ has such good ideas.....keep um Krissy!!!!!!!

    Seriously, I really like the chicken nesting box, what a good idea.

  4. Petty nice Kris and good for you for getting it cleaned too!

  5. Hi Krissy
    It sure has been awhile catching up with you. Long overdue sorry. Exciting news about TJ, he sure wormed his way into your heart, not bad looking either, and then he's so handy, why would you not keep him. Has he got a brother? ... just send him over this way. May I better stick to old men

    Anyway love all the preserving and the meat chooks and that garden. Nearly spring time and doing it all over again.
    Lots of love

  6. Patty - I get a kick out of your comments as much as your sister's posts!!