Monday, April 16, 2012

A Day Out in Amish Country.

My friend Linda from Co was here this weekend. She wanted to see if we could find a Amish community. I knew that in Augusta WI, there's a Amish community. We drove that way and then we took lots of back roads and found them.

It wasn't Sunday so not sure why there was a gathering of buggies here. The horses here were long legged and more like a gaited horse, not a draft style.

This boy looked to be about 10/12 years old, at the most. Amazing to think that he's out working four large horses while most boys his age are inside playing computer games! This boy stopped so that we could take a photo. Linda talked to him and found out that the horses that he had are Percherons and they are 12 years old (That's what the boy thought.)

We saw lots of draft horses. The Amish need them to pull all that farm equipment.

While we were taking pictures, Linda was concerned that what if the Amish got mad as us and gave chase? I told her that I thought that we could out race them as we were in a truck!


  1. We lived in Amish country for a number of years. The local hardware store and grocery store had hitching posts in their parking lots.

  2. I love your new look! the lilacs are beautiful. we still have 2 feet of snow in our yard.

    sounds like a fun time with Linda. Saw the picture on Kellie's blog.

    My mom was from Pennsylvania near the "Pennsylavnia Dutch Country". got to see some of that when we were visiting when I was young.


  3. Sounds like a fun road trip with a long-time friend!!! And I know how you LOVE road trips Krissy girl!

  4. Fun road trip! Sure was nice to see linda.

  5. It's funny how different the generations are. The younger kids stops to let you take a pic, but the older ones would not like it at all. I think their kids will have a better work ethic than ours (in general).

  6. Krissy - am ready to return for another road trip and another "cool" one with Kellie!! Patty-the other kids we took pics of hid their faces. I think this young man felt he was far enough away.