Monday, April 9, 2012

No nap for me!

For Easter Sunday, TJ and I drove to the cities and went to the Cathedral of Saint Paul services.
We went to the 8am service, with all the standing, kneeling and chanting/singing a girl has a hard time napping in church! (Not that I ever nap in church but them, I am my fathers daughter!)

My home church does things different. First there's about 20 minutes of singing, then about 5 minutes of meet/great, then there is about 15 minutes or so of prayer request and then the preacher preaches for about 30 minutes to 45 minutes. That's where I might fall asleep. I mean, if the sermon is not meant for me..........

It was a good church service, even if some of it was in Latin! This was the third time I have been in a Catholic church and I find how they do "church" interesting.


  1. Did you have another reason to go to the cities?
    Is TJ Catholic? Did you feel that you had worshiped?

  2. Went to 630a sunrise service at Methodist church in Rye then Walsenburg Church of Christ w/friends. Don't know if it's standard in all C of C churches, but boy do they do a lot of hymn singing - and without piano/organ. Then rode Bell, friends grandson's roping horse(he competed on her at AQHYA world show several years back). No I did not attempt to rope!!

  3. Oh yah - see you in 4 days.Had better get some laundry done and get a dog/cat/bird sitter lined up. My neighbor was going to do it but she is tied up with brother Roy now - need I say more!!

  4. Janice, no TJ is no longer Catholic, but he likes the beauty of this Catholic Church. Did I feel liked I worshiped? Yes and no, I was busy trying to keep up and noticing how we are and arn't alike.

  5. 3 more days- you are planning on picking me up, right??!! teehee NNNN