Thursday, September 20, 2012

More changes!

That's right, more changes in our lives right now.  We got and accepted an offer on the house. The wanna be buyers are getting the home/water/well/septic inspection today. When that's all done, and passed,we will then we have a closing date for Nov 1st!  Now we have the fun of looking for a place to for us to move in to.  I have been looking at apartments in the little town where I work at as that will be in the middle for both our jobs.

Which, brings up another change going on.  I gave notice to the best job ever!  My last day at the library will be Oct 5th, then Oct 8th I start my new job.  I loved the library job, but I need full time work and the benefits that come with it. Oh, and better pay. Which I will have with the new job.  With the cost of inflation and price of gas I had to make this change.

And I have been tossing around the idea in my head about doing another race. This time a 10K. This race will be Oct 20th. I'm just now starting to go a little farther in my running.  Yesterday I ran four miles in 48 min. Right now I'm thinking that I just need to build up distance and not worry so much about time and then when I can run for 7 miles, start working on the speed so that my time gets better.

TJ is my coach and my cheerleader (But he does NOT wear a skirt nor shake any pompoms!) He leaves me notes in the ice cream that say "No No! Krissy, you have a race! Also he did a lot of running when he was a Marine, sometimes he sings songs like this when we are out running/walking.

 Drill instructor can’t you see, Drill instructor can’t you see.
A-Come on out and a-motivate me, A-Come on out and motivate me.
Take it on the left foot, Take it on the left foot.
Mighty Mighty Left foot, Mighty Mighty Left foot
Take it, Take it.
I Got it, I Got it.
Lo righta lay-eft, Lo righta lay-eft.
A-Lefty righta lay-eft, A-Lefty righta lay-eft.
A-Lo right lay-eft, Lo right lay-eft.
Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah.
Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah.
Here We Go, Here We Go.
Here We Go, Here We Go.

Now my friend Kellie? She is also my cheerleader. She says things like " You did great! I'm so proud of you" 

Both ones work really well, but is does show you how men and woman are different.


  1. Keeping fingers crossed sale goes thru (but glad it's you, not me, moving - I still haven't got totally unpacked/settled since moving a year ago May!!) Where/what is new job? How exciting but know you will miss library. Keep up the great training and agree, worry about distance before speed. So does T.J. run/walk the distance with you? Will Kellie do 10K w/you?

  2. So does that mean TJ runs with you, so he can sing along? I am proud of you too...and so happy that all the things you have been wanting are starting to move into place.

  3. I am very happy for you Kris! Exciting times for you :)

  4. Krissy!! lots of changes!! great job tho. I hope the sale goes through ok...

    so, where are you going to be working?


  5. I'm going to miss you Krissy, and the library patrons will miss you too....heck, even "lips" will miss you. But you know what this means? Now I have to deal with deaf man, old man Dave, and O & E all by myself!!!! Oh Lord, please help me.

    I'm very happy for you Krissy (sniff, sniff) but will miss you dearly. Hey, lets mess with the library patrons on your last day. Maybe we could start some really good rumors about you!


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  7. I'll be honest. I've been so preoccupied with life in general, that I haven't kept up on reading any of the blogs I've been following, including yours. I haven't even written anything in mine. Tonight I came across yours while cleaning up my following list and was inspired by what you said about running. For two years I was into exercise, specifically running, and haven't done much of any exercise in over a year. Thank you for sharing your experiences on running. I only did 5k's, but now I can barely do a mile. I'll have to keep up with your blog to get more inspired by you. Keep it up and good luck with the new job, the closing on your house, and finding a new place. By the way, I still remember how great your soap was!

  8. Hey Krissy been wondering how your job is going ...... give me a call on my cell or leave a message on FB if you have time to catch lunch sometime.