Thursday, January 3, 2013

knock knock? Anybody there? Testing 123

It's been 3 months!  Lots going on.  The house got sold!  After many delays and stuff we got it sold! Dec 1st we had a deal worked out and we picked Dec 17 as the closing date. So that meant that we had to find a apartment (That allows dogs!) and move in 17 days. Got it done!  For about a week it looked like a bomb went off in the new place as we just put boxes and stuff on the floor.

I didn't think that we had so much but we did. We will not talk about T.J. and his wood problems, just to say that we moved wood and lots off it!  I say that jokingly. He builds stuff for me out of that wood so I'm glad to have it, but it was a lot of wood!

Also, I no longer work at the library. I got a full time job and work 40 hrs a week, plus some overtime, get paid more and get paid vacation and health insurance!  Nice to have more hours, and get paid when the company is closed for the holidays.  When at the library, it really hurt to be closed during Christmas and New Years.

 Also just found out that on Jan 14th I will be going to 1st shift. Right now I work 3pm to 11pm, new hours will be 7am to 3pm. I'm a morning person and this way T.J. and I will be more in sync with each other.  Right now we see each other when I come home at 11.30pm and crawl into bed and then at 4am when he gets up for work and weekends.

That's about all for now.

Aunt Krissy, she's back!


  1. Yippee! Krissy back!!! Are you sure this is not an imposter posting on Aunt Krissy's blog???

    Good to have you back online.

  2. Welcome back Krissy! Glad you are well :)xoxo

  3. YES!!!! I'm so glad I check back here once in a while. good to hear from you. Thanks for the card.. I'm going to get mine sent out next week.. I made a resolution!!!
    Love you.

  4. YEAH so glad you are back Krissy. I think about you every time I look out the window at work. :)

    Keep posting please!


  5. Nice to hear from you again Krissy. What kind of work are you doing? Lila

  6. yay krissy yay...glad yo see you post. Miss you bunches.

  7. 'bout darn time you got back to blogging and none of this "blah blah blah blah how hard it is to do"!!!!