Friday, January 4, 2013

Working 9 to 5 or 3p to 11p

Someone asked me where I now work at.  I work at a logistic company that does "stuff" for Anderson Windows.  I work in a department called "Pick Pack"  If it goes to a Anderson window or door, and it has parts then I pick it. Sometimes I pick, sometimes I pack.  Some of the stuff I pick can weigh in over 200lbs and some stuff can be up to 15ft long.

It does not weigh 200lbs each, but combined I pick wood for door or window frames and if its for several doors that adds up to a lot of weight.  The fun park comes in finding and making boxes that all the wood will fit in, that's the packing part.

I also pick hardware. That's all the little, and not so little parts to windows and doors. Things like latches, locks, arms, door stops, screws, and so on and so on. I had my eyes opened! I never knew there was so much that goes into a window!

What I'm still surprised at there is enough work for 10 people on three shifts every day but Sat/Sun, and that's just in my little department. Remember, I'm just in the little part area for windows.  This is a very very large building. Takes 5 minutes to walk from the time clock to the pick/pack area. I know, cause I check the time. I could walk faster but we walk as a group.

If I can figure out how to get the new camera to take video I will show you another thing that I do sometimes. It's called "Milk running" That's where I take the stuff that the others in my group have pick/packed and now it needs to be taken up to the loaders to get loaded in to trucks. I ride something called a "walkie" It's a souped up pallet jack. That's the best way to describe it until I can show a pic of it.

We all take turns in picking hardware and frame, then packing it and then milk running it. That's part of what's nice about the job, you're not doing the same thing over and over day after day.

My favorite part of the job is picking and packing long length. I get to do that once a week, then the next day I most often milk run. Some of my coworkers hate long length so they don't do it often and most of us do not like to milk run. I don't mind it so much, but if I milk run once a week that's enough for me!

All for now

Aunt Krissy, picker/packer


  1. Thanks for describing your new job. I'm glad everything is working out.....good for you Krissy. Miss you.

  2. Two posts in two days! LOL Good for you Kris! I'm glad you like your job. Drove by your building tonight on my way to Menomonie and thought about you in that huge building pick/packin away. I was thinking the building you work in is about the size of four aircraft hangars? HUGE anyhow. Lets do lunch next week xoxo

  3. Krissy,
    Well, thanks for the description of your job. Sounds like fun and you are enjoying your new life. I miss all of the visits I used to have with you and your mom and dad.

  4. Welcome back, AK! I've been lax as well and Wifey has taken over the blog for now.

    Small world; I used to make circle-top Anderson windows at a company in Gillett. Worked there for 6 years in every department. I liked it there, but Anderson re-sourced their supplier so the company closed.

  5. So glad you finally got a phone and internet - I feel like I'm back in touch after missing you for several months!