Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I find irritating

I was born and raised in Alaska. I lived there for 41 years or so. So I know, just maybe I know a little about that state.

What I find irritating is when people tell me about Alaska and they get their information from
Dangerous Catch and Alaska State Troopers.  Just because you watch T.V. shows does not make you an expert on Alaska.

And, it's called SNOW MACHINING in Alaska, NOT Snowmobile riding!  Right there when you say that, I know you don't have a clue about Alaska.

Aunt Krissy, one who rides snow machines.


  1. Hey Aunt Krissy, I totally agree with you!!! It's snow machine! Love you!

  2. something stronger than a cup of tea Krissy? you go girl it sound like a lot of fun anyway

  3. So, miss Alaska expert... its "Deadliest Catch".. not Dangerous Catch :-)...
    I know what you mean!!! I'm going snow going this weekend.. I like to call it that, or Rippin!!

    good to hear from you

  4. No kidding! It's definitely snowmachine riding!!

    I am amazed at how many folks think watching those AK reality shows have a clue about what AK is about.

    Can you believe how many there are? wowo

  5. ha ha ha me thinks you get irritated easily. But I agree, it is snow machining, not snow mobile. It's funny how regional ways of saying things can be so identifiable.

  6. Ok Krissy, who pissed you off today???? Must be someone or some people at work. I hear ya about being a know-it-all. People can sure be irritating.

    Sorry, I grew up with snowmobiling, but if I visited Alaska, I would respectively call it snow machining....I promise!

  7. Interesting regional difference. Here in the U.P., it's called sledding and you ride on a snowmobile. A snow machine is a device used at ski hills for making snow.

    All I know about Alaska is it doesn't get enough daylight in the winter for me to ever want to live there. The short days here in Upper Michigan are bad enough.

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