Thursday, January 24, 2013


I know! I'm turning into a wimp!  I feel very much a sissy when I complain about the cold. I mean, I was born and raised in Alaska! I'm used to being cold for many months at a time. And used to the dark. I lived in "bush" Alaska when the temps would get down to -30 and stay there for a week. And be dark.  This morning it was -11 and now it's 8 above. I'm still cold. Wore wool socks to work.

So why now does the cold bother me? Did my blood thin?  Did I get used to warmer temps? Is it the higher humidity? My weigh loss so I don't have as much insulation?

All I know is that I want to move south, far south!

Aunt Krissy,  wimp.


  1. woohoo!! you are finally getting the cold we had in November & December!! I think your blood is thinner and so are you.. thats why you are colder!! To me its better than being tooooo hot... at least you can add clothes to get warmer. its about 28 degrees and sunny here right now..

  2. Ditto, I hear ya Krissy. The cold temps have turned me into an un-Wisconsinite!!! The windy conditions doesn't help. Windchill factors always make it brutal for everyone.

  3. wimpy, wimpy, wimpy We just got a light layer of snow.

  4. I guess "refreshingly brisk" has a different meaning now, Huh??? :-)

  5. I don't like the cold either Krissy - burrrr

  6. Nah, you're just going through a rough spell that's making you question your sanity, lol. My daughter is in Florida for school, and she hates the hot, humid weather. About a month ago, it actually got down to 54 in the late evenings. She says she was the only happy person in Florida, ha!