Monday, May 6, 2013

Yucky Day, but it got better!

This is what it looked like at around 9AM or so on Thursday May 2nd.  Where we live we got a total snow fall of 15 inches. It knocked out the power in town for more then 12 hours, as it was a heavy wet snow and branches fell all over the lines and stuff.  Being that we had now power when I got home, I couldn't cook dinner (Bummer huh?) So T.J. and I went out to dinner in Eau Claire. So bummed that I did not get to do dishes that night!

Let's now flash forward to today, May 6th. (Oh sorry, no pics of it) but the grass is getting green and all the snow is GONE!  Where could 15 inches of snow go to?  Well, you have a few days of 50, 60 and then today it's 74 degrees and that will melt snow for sure!  So nice to see and hear the robins out bob-bob-bobbing along.
Aunt Krissy, wearing shorts right now!


  1. That snow really did melt fast...thank heavens!!!

    Lil Lisa is wearing shorts too, whoo hoo!

  2. Hi Krissy, I am so sorry you did not get to do dishes the other night! :-)

    Enjoy the sunshine!

  3. It sure went fast YAY! Love to hear the birds chirping away :)

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  7. Dear Aunt Krissy,

    I miss you.




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