Friday, July 31, 2009

The girls,again.

I have noticed that JuJu is a much faster and a more aggressive eater then Maggie. I started to feed Maggie on the goat stand. This way she gets her fair share of grain and JuJu who is over weight, gets just a taste of grain. I have decided that Maggie is the one that I will breed this fall.
She is very sweet and in better shape then JuJu.
JuJu looking for Maggie. She (JuJu) is Mmmaaa-ing very loud. It sounded different then her normal Maa. This was very much a questioning/calling sound.
JuJu checking out what Maggie is up to.
Here's Abby, I love her but she was getting on my nerves this morning. I was vacuuming and she was worried that I might go somewhere so she was getting on the wrong side of the vacuum and then she would have a little panic spell and try and get near me, but guess what? The vacuum is near me! That plan wont work. I finally made her go outside and stay outside so then she though that I was mad at her.


  1. That goat stanchion looks like it's working pretty well. I know how you feel about Abby - my stupid dogs do that when I'm vacumming too...what is it with the dreaded vacuum? I've never accidently sucked them up in it!

  2. awwww.....poor wittle Abby!!! You go give her a hug right now and tell her you're sorry for being such a meany!

  3. The picture of JuJu peering over the wall made me grin. :)