Thursday, August 20, 2009

And God said to Noah, there's going to be a floody floody

Hummm... I wonder what the price of Gopher wood is? If it keeps on raining I might need some!

I gave the goats some hay for their dinner tonight. When I went to grab some I felt a jab in the palm of my hand. I have a small puncture hole below my pinkie finger in the fleshy part of my palm. It still is throbbing and I have a quarter size hard swelling around the hole. Not to sound whiny but sometimes the throb pain goes right up my arm. It feels hot to the touch. I guess I will wait and see if my hand falls off during the night. I'm joking! It has not gotten any larger so I'm not worried about it. I think it was a sharp piece of hay that poked me. ( Or a spider? )

Rose will be here in 2 more days! I got the house cleaned up good enough. All I have to do is mow but whenever I'm ready to mow it starts to rain. Oh well.....It's nice and green. talk..................Has anybody tried the citrus soap yet? Is there any scent to it? I am thinking that that scent needs to be dropped.


  1. You can always tell a spider bite by the fact that there are two tiny holes in the bite site. Sounds to me like it may have been a wasp or bee sting.
    It's raining here in the Crandon, WI area, too. But, boy do we ever need it, for both the sake of the hay and the goats.

  2. I tried the citrus. I could still detect it but it's not as strong as the "boy" scent Jeff has been using. Which we both love. If you ever decide to do a rose scent I'm there. One of my fav's.

    Ewwwwwwww spider bites. Not good. I'm sure it was the hay. Have fun w/Rose. And you really should do a scent in honor of her.

  3. "Get my people out of the muddy muddy, Children of the Lord." I hope there aren't creepy spiders hiding in your hay. That will make it very hard for you to have to feed goats all winter. Aren't you supposed to be getting a couple kittens soon?

  4. We're going to be getting your rain tomorrow. Ok, maybe not "your" rain but hurricane Bill's rain. Maybe this is what we need to get rid of this heat wave that we're still in.

    Hope you have fun with Rose.

  5. We got 1.8" yesterday. Grass is growing like crazy.

    Cut the end of an onion and tape it to your bee sting. It works.

  6. I think you got a bee/hornet sting.
    They hurt like crazy and swell.

  7. I tried the citrus soap first and I love it!! It had a scent while soaping up and while washing. But I'm also the kind of person who doesn't like strong perfumed soap and toiletries, so that's probably I like the scent the way it is.