Saturday, August 8, 2009

Garden Fresh

Today, when I was letting the girls out to eat the browse I noticed that my squash had gone from a nice size squash to this in just a few days. I knew that I had to do something with it fast or in a few days they would be baseball bat size! ( It can happen just that fast!) My friend Kellie gave me a recipe that uses 9 cups of diced squash! That's the recipe that I needed. That's what I had for dinner tonight. It was great! The recipe calls for zucchini and squash and I used all squash. ( They were warm when I picked them from the sun shining on them.)

If you want or need to use up zucchini or some summer squash click here for the recipe. And just an F.Y.I. I used Velveeta.

Here it is all done. It was really good. Because it makes such a big pan I froze the leftovers. I hope that they freeze well. We shall see.Have you noticed that I have made some changes to the blog? I am going back to the old post and labeling them. I needed to go back to look for something and I had no ideal where it was at. I now have a label thingie on the side. I also have noticed that I have a lot of post about food! Gee, I wonder if that could mean something? ( Hang on, I need to unbutton my pants. They are too tight! Ahhh that feels much better! )


  1. I am glad to hear you enjoyed the Boston Market Squash Casserole. I love yellow squash.

    Stephanie Manely from

  2. Hey Krissy! I've been out of commission for a few days - nothing serious. You know the heel thing you get some times? I get that too and I've been in pain all week. Well then my back went out also and that caused migraine and I just haven't been feeling up to much. Today my feet feel better. Yay!