Monday, September 21, 2009

Check it out!

My friend and coworker, Crochet Lady really has a heart for others. She learned about woman and children that are being sold into the sex slave trade. I know, it's hard to even think that this goes on but it does. She wondered what she, a woman, living in rural Wisconsin could do to help out. She loves to create beautiful jewelry and has started a blog called Tookie Trinkets.

With every purchase, a part of it will go to help woman and children that have been sold into this horrible life. So you get a beautiful unique piece of jewelry and at the same time you help others. How wonderful is that?

Please check out Tookie Trinkets and take a few minutes to look around her site. If you see a design but want it in another color? I bet that she can do that. ( Right CL? ) As she makes more
jewelry she will post the pictures so check her site out every so often and see what's new.

And, just so you know, all shades of purple are my favorite. Just in case anybody out there needs to know this.


  1. I'm excited about Tookie Trinkets. Crochet Lady has really nice stuff. Check out her site everyone.

  2. Thanks, that was a really nice write up. I really appreciate it.
    Love ya,

  3. What a wonderful thing Crochet Lady is doing and her jewelery is beautiful!!!

  4. I'll check it out very soon - my internet has been down since Saturday when some transformers blew in our neighborhood. (I'm doing this from work....shhhhh!) Snow on the mountains! Lots!