Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Confession.

The following still makes me cringe.

Many years ago ( 15? ) I was called into jury duty. This was a case of 2 men being accused by the State of Alaska of selling drugs. I was one of the 50 people sitting there as they would call your name, ask all those questions and then they would keep you or dismiss you.
They got their 12 jurors and now needed the 13th juror. We had been there for about 6 hours or so? Long enough that we had had a lunch break. There was only about 10 of us left. They called people up and would dismiss them. Now there is about 3 of us left. They call my name. I'm kind of looking forward to being on a jury. I never have been on one before and hey, it gets me out of work! That alone is well worth it! They ask their questions and so far so good.

But wait! Why are the 2 men being accused talking to their lawyers and pointing to me? (Why? Why?) They keep it up! Their lawyer goes up to the Judge and they have a conference. They all keep looking at me and pointing! ( Why? Why?) I'm thinking to myself, What have I done that these 2 drug dealers would know me? I don't buy or sell drugs?( WHY ARE THE LOOKING AT ME! ) I'm thinking real hard now. I start to think about my ex-boyfriend (loser) He knew all about the drug culture ( In other words, he bought and sold drugs, hey, I said that he was a loser! ) That's the only thing that I can think that maybe, somehow that that is why they (STOP POINTING AT ME! ) are having this big conference about me. By this time all the lawyers are up at the judges bench. I'm about ready to puke.

The judge clears his throat and and ask me " Young lady, do you know the 2 men that are sitting over there? and I say " No, but I'm pretty sure that my ex-boyfriend bought drugs from them."
All the lawyers groaned, the judge tosses his pen in the air and pushed his paper work on his desk to the side. They all started talking at the same time. The judge banged his little hammer thing on the desk and said that everybody, but me, was free to go, they were all dismissed from this trial and thanks for the time that they had spent here today.

When the room was cleared the judge again asked me if I knew the 2 men. I said no, but I do remember that my ex had talked about buying drugs and used their names. And that's the only thing that I can think of. The judge said that that's not why the 2 men accused recognized me.
A few years ago they worked at the airport doing janitorial work and they recognized me from working at one of the ticket counters back then.

I never have been called back for jury duty. I believe that there is a big red check mark by my name!


  1. oh man!! That was and is still so hilarious! Sorry it still causes you to cringe...

    It was fun talking to you on the tele... it makes me miss you even more. I wanna come down and package all your soap for you.

  2. That's funny!!I've never been called for jury duty yet, and I hope I never do. Doesn't pay enough.

  3. Nothing like a good chuckle on Monday morning - that is just tooo
    funny (can just picture the judge and lawyers reactions!!!)
    Supposed to only be in 60's this week in Pueblo - who knows what it will be when you get here!!!

  4. That story always cracks me up. Your package was mailed on Saturday - our internet is out (grrrr!) and I can't figure out how to get it back. Looks like I may have to make the dreaded call to "customer support" which is an oxymoron.

  5. Krissy!
    I think of that story every time I am called for jury duty (2 times since I've lived in Kenai). I've gotten dismissed both times. I got a survey in the mail about jury duty, then I got called to go to Anchorage for district court duty. Whats up with that? 250,000 people and they cant find enough people??? Rose

  6. Funny, I think you lucked out. I've never been called to jury duty and never want to be.

  7. Got word that it snowed in Rye today. Anxious to get home to see how much!!! (after having to stay in Pueblo to judge 4H Horse e-record books - hopefully won't take too long to finish them up tonight!!)