Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Day.

Huh? I wonder what caused this? Boy, this sure is a puzzle.
My friend in CO made this for me a few years ago for Christmas. It was a candle thing. A pillar type candle would go on the plate and then a cylinder went around that. It had nice wildlife cut outs. It made neat shadows on the wall at night when it was lit.
Just so you know, it was not really a puzzle as it happened at 6.15am this morning and woke me up. It was a black and white fuzz ball that knocked it over. Black fuzz ball was all cuddled up with Abby. ( Much to Abby's chagrin )
Woe to you that might sleep with your hands outside the covers. Woe to you that might have fingers that must twitch in the night. For you shall know the black and white kittens wrath.

Fellow blogger, Spring Peeper Farm, wanted to know what an Asian Beetle
This is what a Asian Beetle looks like. Looks like it would be a nice lady bug. It's not. You can tell as the Asian beetle has 2 white dots on its head. These little bugs pinch, not bite but it feels like a bite like you would get from a biting fly. Also the smell real bad when they get squashed. Like a funky, odd, bad dirt smell. Not good dirt. Just the other day I felt a tickle in my shirt while I was at the bank. I looked in my shirt and saw a shadow, so first thought was SPIDER! ( I made the young bank teller jump ) but then the eyes caught up with the brain and I saw that it was this. I grabbed it with my fingers and flicked it and then had to wash my hands as they had that bad smell.


  1. Get some super glue and see if you can glue it.

    Those beetles were swarming me when I was on the back porch yesterday afternoon. Rotten buggers.

  2. I left a post yesterday but don't see it now. Arrrggghh. I still think your little kittens (demon cats) are very cute. I want some.

  3. Thanks for the beetle photo. I don't think we have those around here. Thank goodness. We have enough bugs as it is. Earwigs, wood ticks, blackflies ( fyi our farm exports blackflies!!) and mosquitoes!! Just to name a few.

    The kittens are still cute. Try the water bottle.

  4. Over the years, we've had tons of stuff that our former cats broke. Bike Man had a nice piece of pottery that he bought while on a military tour in Japan. Let's just say he was pretty POed!

  5. Naughty little kitten.

    I hate those beetles, haven't seen too many of them yet but I am dreading the invasion and having to spray the house. Last year there was a couple inch thick layer of dead bugs around the foundation after we sprayed.