Friday, September 18, 2009

Small town life.

I'm teaching another basic computer class tomorrow. Only problem is that the library is in the village office and the door to the office is being replaced so it has big sheets of plywood up. We have been using the side door for the past 3 months or so. None of us at the library have a key to that side door. (oops!) But that's what is neat about small town life. I know who does have a key. I called him up and I will be at his house at 8.15am and get a key so that we can use the library for class. More then one way to skin this cat.

My Pilot Bread came in the mail today! I'm so happy! But I think that the USPO was playing kick ball with it! I opened up the box and I have a lot of broken crackers. I will still eat them all up. Thanks again MOM!

Well, I'm just for some reason beat today. I'm going to bed is about 15 minutes. That's 9pm, which is real early for me.


  1. I like small town life where everybody knows everybody. I finished up with your stuff, it will be in the mail tomorrow. Keep in mind I only gave you beginning levels. If you want anything changed, just let me know.

  2. Sweet dreams.. Have fun at the computer class.

  3. Hope your class goes well and the pp works this time.

  4. Sorry Aunt Krissy...totally forgot about the odd ball key situation. That was smart thinking to call JJ!