Thursday, September 17, 2009

This and That.

I know, this may make some die hard Wisconsin people a little upset but...... Why, in a cheese state can I not find a white, very extra sharp cheddar cheese? I have been looking and I bought a Vermont white sharp cheese. It's not as sharp as I like but it will do. I don't want to sound like one of those "back home we blah blah blah " people but back up in AK I would buy a 2lbs block of white extra sharp cheese. It was so sharp and aged that it had little crystals in the cheese and would break off in shards when it was cut. I loved that cheese. Next time I do a road trip I am going to stop at a cheese store and I probably be able to find it there. I just think that here in Wisconsin that it would be readily available.

Today was the 2nd computer teaching class. We did e-mail accounts. I only had 3 people this time. Which was a good thing. Kellie again helped out and it was needed. We had to work one on one when we set up the accounts. It was a hoot setting up passwords and doing the goofy word verification stuff. I have been really enjoying the computer classes. I can see where it's really needed with older people. They just need to be in a class with their peers so that they feel comfortable and can ask questions without some young kid rolling theirs eyes cause doesn't everybody know this?

I was on the phone with my sister Patty for over an hour. We talked and talked about soap packaging. She is doing a real good job. What's so neat is that she knows me and is keeping me in mind. She knows that I can get real cranky with small detail work. I don't like to "fuss" with crafty type stuff.

That's about it. It's bed time for me and the dog. And kittens too. If they can calm down. They are very "active" right now. I might have to have a smack down combined with a "Come to Jesus" talk with them.


  1. Good luck with that smack down! You'd have better luck putting them back in the laundry room and shutting the door.

    I have been enjoying the computer class too.

  2. I don't know Krissy, but after seeing the LONG scratch on your hand the other day, I don't think you'll want to try a smack down with those active kitties....they'll whip your butt!

    I got a chance to over-hear the seniors talking at computer class. That one couple seems really nice. The wife is all smiley and laughing and the husband seems much more reserve (I think it's a man thing)!!!!!!

  3. Someone suggested you get a water spray bottle - sounds like that would work with the demon kittens. Maybe yo should call mom and make her send you another some cheese in addtion to the pilot bread.

  4. Come to Oregon. We'll go to Tillamook and load you down with white, extra sharp cheddar! Can't believe the cheese state doesn't have ANY!

    Tillamook (if you didn't eat it in your AK days) is all hormone free and from happy cows. Seriously, their pastures are so lush that Maddie and Casey would eat until they couldn't stand any more, lay down and keep eating until they exploded! Of course, I wouldn't let them...

    Happy cows come from Tillamook County, Oregon, NOT California!

  5. Yeah, we use the spray bottle on our cats when they get a bit out of hand. Now we don't even have to spray it - just shake it.

    As for your extra sharp white cheddar - try Sam's club. There is a big block that they sell (at least the Sam's by me does) that meets your criteria, I think (can't recall about the crystals) but it did break off in shards. It's not Wisconsin, but it was Vermont. :)