Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This and that.

Just a warning, there is a gross picture at the end of this post.

This morning when I woke up the first thing that crossed my mind was " What fresh hell am I in now?!" The reason I thought that was I was on my back in bed and "thump" "whump" I had a kitten jump on and then push off on my bladder! So that made me get up and out of bed. The kittens are getting to be real lively. I go them some toys today. Little balls with bells in them. They are having fun batting them and chasing them around. Oh and I also got them some cat nip! Yep, we are having some fun now. I like cheep entertainment.

I checked out my garden today. My tomatoes that I left to get ripe have some kind of rot going on. The have opened up and spilled their little tomato guts on the ground. But they still have some green on them. I hear a lot of people talking about this year was bad for tomatoes. It's all OK, I still have some jars of salsa that I made last year.

I also made 2 batch's of soap this evening. I was out of plain unscented soap so I made a batch of that. I also wanted to make honey and oats soap so I did. It came to trace fine and I added 1/2 cup honey and also 1 cup of ground oats. It got a little loose but then came together again. I didn't have a recipe for this so I was winging it. I know that you have to be careful about adding liquids to your soap after trace. I have it all wrapped up in a blanket and wont look at it until Friday morning.

Remember a few days ago I told you all about SOS ( Harvey the black kitten ) caught a frog? Well I couldn't find webbed feet or green hide left behind so I thought that SOS ate the whole thing. Well guess again! I was sweeping out from under the kitchen table and look what I found. Aren't you glad that I shared with you? I know I am.


  1. YUCK! Geez Aunt Krissy, did you have to take that picture? A discription would have been just fine thank you.

    I think Annabelle would love to come over and play with your lively kittens.

    I think I have catnip in my garden if you want more.

  2. That is a huge yuck. Aren't you glad you didn't find it in your bed? or laundry basket? when do the kittens move out to the barn?

  3. LOL... oh yes! I've had a few "what the heck is that?" things left under my table... usually they are some piece or part of a mouse. YUCK!

  4. My tomatoes are doing the same thing.

    That is really gross!

  5. One of my cats brought in a baby mouse last night. She was so proud, until I screamed when it was still alive. Now we can't find the little guy and we're leaving for vacation tomorrow. And after seeing your frog picture I may have nightmares. Yucky....

  6. Krissy - Heading to pick up a Congo African Gray and a Cockatiel on way home tonight. Sure hope the guy backs out that spoke for the Military MacCaw (they are all free with really deluxe cages!!!)
    Wonder what words "Coloniel" and the new Gray will teach each other??!!

  7. Nasty! I've seen a few pieces/parts like that myself. At least there is no blood.