Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Teacher Teacher.

The library that I work for received a grant to teach Basic Computer Skills. So I signed up to teach the class. I took 2, 2 hour classes that taught us how to teach. ( They really didn't teach much but gave ideals ) Tonight was the 1st class. I had 5 patrons. 1 patron knew how to use the computer. So he was kind of on his own but he did have some questions. 2 others knew a little bit and the other 2 knew not a whole bunch. When I mean not a while bunch I mean that I needed to show what a left click, right click and a double click meant. Also how to drag the mouse. Very basic stuff. But it was fun group of people. Class lasted 2 hours and we pretty much used all 2 hours of it. I also showed how to use word, how to save to a flash drive, what a flash drive was
how to change fonts, what a font was. I realize that I way, way under use my home computer!
( wonder if my computer gets sad?)

I just have to give a big shout out and and honking huge thanks to my friend Kellie that helped out. I was set up to use a power point but it wouldn't work so it was good to have 2 of us there. As we had to go to each person and show how to do all that stuff. The power point would have allowed everybody to see at the same time.

The next class will be setting up e-mail accounts and then how to use them. Like how to send a picture and setting up address books. Again basic stuff. I hope that I have the power point working then...

I forgot that I have been using computers for so long at work and that I forget that at one time I too did not know how to click and drag, send e-mails. It was fun to kind of go back to the basics.


  1. You are a good computer teacher...you have the patience! Patience doesn't come easy.

    Thanks to Kellie for helping out and taking my place tonight.

  2. I'm very impressed with you. I never thought of you as a computer teacher, but I can see you would be good at it. Especially if you are dealing with older people.(your lack of patience with kids would not be good but you've always enjoyed working with adults.) I'm kinda proud of you. My sister, the teacher.

  3. Too bad about the pp. That was great that Kellie could help you out, what a friend!

  4. Krissy.
    I have one suggestion to try for the PowerPoint. Make sure you turn on the projector first, then turn on the computer. I know that's how ours works.

    good job on the class! I took a basic Excel class last year and even tho I've been using the program for years, I learned stuff!

    have a great day.

  5. So, when are you coming to Oklahoma to give me a lesson? I'm a little farther ahead than your class but not much. And Jeff is not a good teacher. He would do better w/the kids. Really I need all the help I can get when it comes to doing more that reading a blog and checking my email.

  6. And to think that just 11 years ago you were hesitant to even enter data into a computer. Now you are using Power Point and teaching. Awesome Kris. You ROCK!!!!