Monday, September 14, 2009

I love my MOM! She's the best!

I called up my mom today and asked her how much she loved me. She said that she loved me lots, she loves me the most, more then I will ever know, more then the ocean is deep, she will love me forever too. ( Ha, take that my other sisters! )

Well, being that she loves me that much I asked her if she could go down to the local Carr's store ( AK grocery store. ) and buy me and send me a box of Sailor Boy Pilot Bread. She said yep, she will do that. You can only get this in AK or I found out, you can get it on line. Up In AK I always had a box of these crackers in the house. I would take 2 for lunch and put some super sharp aged white cheddar cheese on them or mix up some tuna fish and have that on the crackers.

While I was on the phone my dad was in the room and wanted to know what my mom was going to send to me, she told him pilot bread. He just laughed. But he did admit that he had a box out at the cabin.

Have you ever moved and just can't find things that you want and knowing that you can't get it, it just makes you want it all the more? Well, that's how I feel about Pilot Bread.

I put this link here but it just takes you to the Anchorage Daily News. If you go to this link, in their search bar type in Sailor Boy Pilot Bread you will get some stories that they have done about this cracker. One was when there was a rummer that it was no longer going to be made. Caused a panic with some folks!


  1. Sailor Boy is a staple in Bush Alaska. When I spent a week cooking at a church camp at Port Alsworth, we had Sailor Boy at every table for every meal!

  2. Hey Janice, I left a comment on your blog. Didn't know you started one!

  3. How did you find it? I didn't know why to tell anyone to look.

  4. Ahhhh Good ol sailor boy pilot bread. With peanut butter. If you never want to whistle again, eat that combination. It will dry you out surer than any drought. I think spam and pilot bread are both Alaskan staples. I wonder how many of your WI friends think Spam is good?

  5. Dear Kris,
    I can't believe it got there that fast! I mailed yesterday [Monday] about 1pm
    and did downgrade the money spent. I was told 3-4days to get to your mailbox
    I'm amazed!
    Love Mom

  6. You have a good mom to send you one of your favorite things!

  7. Krissy!!

    I forgot!! I was supposed to send you some. I'm sorry. Guess the 2 week vacation was too long!

    glad your mom came through for you.

  8. Ahhh the cravings of stuff you can't get. Got to craving McDonalds etc... when living in Dutch Harbor!!

  9. I remember we had moved to Alberta and the only way we eat pasta in atlantic canada is with Aylmer's tomato soup mixed in. Well low and behold it's only available in atlantic Canada! That's why we moved back!

    Well not really, but it does make for an interesting story.

    Oh and my two favourite junk foods "coffee crisp and ketchup chips aren't available in the USA. I'd never be able to move there. Sorry. Sigh....

  10. Aunt Krissy,

    I think Safeway out west here carries pilot bread. Or it was Roth's a local grocery chain down in the Salem area. Anyways, I have seen it down here in the lower 48.

    I miss my Wicked Wolf coffee. I have to order it, which I haven't done in a while. But, at least I know I can drive a couple hours north to get some!