Sunday, September 13, 2009

That time.

I have not seen an Asian beetle for a long time. Today while I mowed I was getting bombarded with them. They kept getting tangled up in my hair. Icky, I don't like that in any way,shape or form.

Guess who, besides the dog is afraid of the vacuum? It's not me...Yep, that's right, it's the kittens. They freaked out when I started that up. They didn't know where or what to climb so for a few seconds it was a little kitty flurry going on. Blurs of white and black. Kind of funny, well, maybe you needed to be here.

While I vacuumed I sucked up a lot of Asian beetles. I just don't get how yesterday I saw zip and today I sucked up a good 20 of them from inside the house.

Also I made a dent in the frog population when I mowed. I am sure I got 5 little hoppers. The 1st few made me feel bad, but I got over it.

Next week at Church we are having a pie auction. It's not just pie's it can be cookies, cupcakes or whatever you want to make. I think I will make a Almond Cheese Cake. The money being raised goes to the missionary fund. Also next week at Church the potluck afterwards is going to be a corn feed. We are to bring a cold side. I think I will make a Waldorf Salad. I have not had that in a long time.


  1. Yesterday, while out doing some stream monitoring with hubby, an Asian Beetle pinched me on the arm. I actually yelped because I thought a bee stung me. Gosh darn it, that hurt! We were actually over in your neck-of-the-woods, so for some reason the beetles are leaving the soy bean plants and looking for a new home.

    Your church pie auction sounds mighty good, yummy.

  2. Those kitties! Now Abby will have some friends to huddle with when you bring out the dreaded monster machine.

    We've got the beetle's back too. Not bad yet, but I'm sure they will be since the field next door is soy beans.

  3. You should make that flourless chocolate cake of yours. I can almost taste it now. Actuallt you should make two - give samples and the bids are sure to be sky high!

    Blessings - Janice

  4. I want to go to your auction and bid on your cakes or whatever you make. I'll bet they are yummy! Sorry about the bugs. Mostly we just have the no-see-ums right now.

  5. Oooooo... You should make that wonderful, rich dessert of your moms - the one with the buttery sauce you pour over it!!! How about Wilted Spinach Salad for your potluck. You can have it all made except for dressing - take it in a jar and heat up before ready to eat then pour on salad. Was cutting a dead tree down for firewood yesterday and the ant infestation was unbelieveable - like something out of a Hitchcock movie.

  6. Sounds good, maybe I should visit your church!

  7. My cats are terrified of the vacuum cleaner. What is an Asian beetle? Do you have any photos?

    Ahhhh...a good old fashioned pie auction. Gotta love them. In my church it's hard to get the good pies or cakes because we have a few people with lots and lots of money so they snap them up. Pies can easily go for 100$. I know it's a good cause... but that's too rich for my blood.