Saturday, September 12, 2009

Parade Day.

Waiting for the parade to start. I got there a little late. Good thing my friend and her family saved a spot for me. I still like the small town feeling. When the parade started they did the
National Anthem and everybody stood up, all the men and boys took off their hats and we all paid our respect. One thing that was really different this year at the parade then last year is that I knew people! I chatted with some people. When you work in the library in a small town people get to know you.

This picture is for my Dad. He likes old enginesThis one was just a chugging along and pumping water.
I could show you about 20 pictures of old tractors
but I wont make you suffer. There were some nice looking ones I have to admit.

Who knew that we could have the need for a traffic cop in this small town? But then this parade does draw people.

There was the big chicken dinner going on. I didn't go to it as I was not feeling that well and it was a very hot and humid day. When I got home I took a 3 hour nap!

P.S. SOS just caught a frog ( In the house ) and ate it! Yuck. I know, you're wondering how a frog was in the house? Well, I had the back door open this eve at it's really warm out still and he hopped hopped to his death. A minute of silence while we morn for the little frog.


  1. What little nw WI town doesn't have a "Buck Snort Bar & Grill"?

  2. Hey that was probably your prince charming SOS ate!!

  3. Wow, you weren't feeling well either? Hope you feel better today (Sunday).

    Now wait a minute...if you left the screen door open, didn't the kittens go outside? Or maybe you had them in their kitty cage?

    One time we had a frog in our house (bedroom) and we're not sure how it got in, but I think it was the sliding screen door. Anyway, my other cats, who are now in heaven, had a hay-day playing with Mr. Frog. I let the frog go back outside because I love frogs and I didn't want to see him hurt, or eaten!!!!

  4. Who ate the frog?
    It was hot yesterday. I rode into town after the parade to go to a friends house. I thought about coming in early and watching the parade but I was too warm to sit out in the sun.

  5. I haven't been to a parade in years except the 10 minutes I watched our Fur Rondy parade last winter. I'd really like to see one at a reasonable hour and in the sunshine.