Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What a change.

Guess what? Noop, that's not it. What the correct guess would be is that tomorrow, September 23,, a year ago was that date that I got hired on at the library!

I was telling my boss that I have not had a bad day yet. I have not driven to work in the past year wishing that I would get in a accident ( NOT A BAD ONE! ) just enough to get me out of work for a while. I have not gone home thinking about or wishing that I would have said that or next time I'm going to say this if they do that. I had to have some major surgery a few years ago and I tried, I mean I really tried to have the Dr's do it sooner then later so that I would miss a really busy part of the year. It's called the "A" season. It's one of the big crab openings in Dutch harbor ( Think Deadliest Catch ) didn't work out. I was there for it all. I had the surgery done during a slow time. What a waste of time off from work.

At the old job there was a lot of conflict. It was just the nature of the beast. At the library I think that the worst that has happened is that................ Sorry, can't think of a worst thing! With some of the patrons we can get to yakking about books and have you read this or that and you really should read this but if they check out a book by James Patterson then I think less of them. I'm sorry, I try not to but I do. So don't tell me that your a fan of his. Keep it to yourself. I know, I sure that I have some authors that you think are just horrible. It's all OK. Just that I'm more right then you are! (Man I'm feeling very sassy this evening!)

Have you ever made a big job change? Did you stick with it or did you go back to the old one?


  1. The best thing that happened to me - work wise - was when I left that place of employment I'd had for 36 LONG years and took a year off!
    1. I could no longer handle the stress and needed to leave before I died.
    2. I found out that I really did NOT want to have retirement as my life goal!

    Thank you Jesus for answering my prayer and getting me outta there!!

    My new position is wonderful and guess what? You really CAN teach an old dog new tricks!!

  2. How cool is it that you love your job?! I wish I could find something like that. James Patterson! Ghah! Why do people like that get published and some of these great stories by new authors cant get the time of day?!

  3. I always wanted to be a librarian...nice and quiet, plus I could sneak book readng in on the job....

    I left a good job working in community education for the College - I still miss all the people, but I sure don't miss all that work. Brutally busy twice a year....

    I was one of those people setting up courses, hiring instructors, etc.... "Learn Spanish, the Fun and Easy Way"....you know those courses?


  4. nope no job change yet. still stuck here where you left me; the closet. I know, I know, it my choice. Chicken I guess. I am glad you made the change though. Now I know that i too will survive if i get the gumption to go. :)

  5. Today at work a few of us were talking and feeling very thankful for jobs we love, good pay, and co-workers that are fun to work with. I've had some bad jobs and you don't know how good it feels until you actually look forward to going to work! crazy! Who would have thought it?

  6. You are right we have a great job! Even though I like my job I still have some days that a little more blue than others and working with you always makes the day lighter.

  7. Nine and a half years ago (age 40) I did a complete career change. I was unhappy in my former job and disagreed with my boss's management skills and lack of "people" skills. I can honestly say that I found my dream job, plus it's also nice to be THE BOSS!

    I'm glad you like working at the library.

  8. It's great working at a job you really enjoy!

    I heard James Patterson signed a 17 book deal - he has to have them all written by the end of 2012 I think. (Notice I didn't say he had to write them? How many books can one person really write in that span of time?!) Never read any of his books, so I hope I'm not judged too harshly. haha :)