Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nice drive

It's amazing how fast it's getting dark now, but it's still nice out. When I got off work tonight I drove home with all the windows down.
I drove slow ( 45mph) as I worry about hitting a deer. Neat thing is that you can really hear all the night sounds. It was a buggy orchestra tonight. I even heard some deep frogs joining in.

There were low, on the ground, patches of fog. When I would drive through them I could feel the chilly damp air touching my skin. Also the fog traps more scents and I could take a deep sniff and smell the pine trees and hay that has just been cut. Also a sweet scent, I know I don't pass a field of flowers as I don't see it on my way to work in the daylight but I swear that tonight I did. Maybe some night blooming flower?

I also saw a bat flying under a street lamp getting the big juicy bugs. ( I love bats! ) I have heard that you can build bat houses like you do for birds to encourage them to hang out and live at your place. I think next year I will look into that. Also I need to get some bird houses. I know, I know, get 2 cats and now I am thinking about trying to get birds hanging around. I swear I don't mean anything mean by it!


  1. Bats are great. They eat tons of bugs. We actually have a bat house on one of our trees.

    It's a beautiful night, cool and no breeze. The crickets are singing loudly.

  2. I almost felt I was right there on the ride with you. Good writing.

  3. It feels like Fall is in the air doesn't it?

    I hope Fall lasts awhile and we don't all move into Winter right away!


  4. I've been really enjoying this weather too. A little extra humidity yesterday, but I like that.

  5. We've been getting fall-like weather too except here it really is fall. Trees are turning yellow. It gets up to mid-50's for daytime highs - no frost yet, but it sure feels nippy in the morning. We are going to cabin for weekend. TaTa for now.

  6. Really nice writing, Krissy. Thanks!

  7. Thank you for your wonderful writing. I can picture everything that you described.

  8. Bat houses are great. As for the bird houses, bird baths, etc. Not so much. I have more cats than I will admit too and my next door neighbor has all of the above. Needless to say there is a lot of bloodshed sometimes.

    Great post. I'm waiting for the cooler weather here. We're down to mid 80's and low 70's at night. I can't wait for high 60's and low 40's at night.

  9. Hey, Krissy! You could have come on down Highway 13 for another hour or so and visited us! I would have loved to have you! Was home by myself doing homework.

    Love reading about your adventures. Some day when I'm done with school, I just may invest in one of these ways to express myself. I'm requesting a digital camera for my next gift so that I, too, can share with the world some of the crazy stuff I encounter on a daily basis without even intending to!