Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What does this mean?

Yep, that's some kind of plant growing inside the house. What does that mean about my house keeping skills? That they suck?
Well, I guess that would be the truth! No, really I'm pretty good at cleaning but I have to admit that I can see where some kind of seed got into the house and fell in that crack by that back door and started to grow. Think I should leave it alone and see how big I can get it to get?
Do you see all that cat hair? That can't be Abby hair. She is the best dog ever and would never shed in the house! Abby just said that it is all stupid cat hair and that we should just get rid of them.
( I will vacuum that out tomorrow )
I also took that kittens in today to get their shots and de-wormed. I knew 100% for sure that they had worms. Nuff said about that! Harvey ( Son of Satan ) weighed in at a whopping 1 lbs and his sister Colby ( Razor ) came in at a fighting weight of 1lb 5oz. She does tend to roll SOS around when they play, I guess that the 5oz makes a difference. I got some de-worming med to take home as I have to give them some more in 2 weeks. That should take care of that problem.

I was worried that the kittens would be a little hard to handle but you know what? Hold them by the back of their necks and they just dangle, kind of like a fuzzy Christmas ornament. ( Note to self, look into new business development )


  1. fuzzy christmas ornaments made out of kittens I presume. Stick with the soap. I'm glad you are taking good care of SOS and Razor - it's hard to spend money on pets that are mean. But I know they aren't really mean, just rambunctious with sharp parts.

  2. What a cute plant. Don't worry about your housekeeping skill. One time we came back from a summer vacation and found a mushroom growing in the corner of our bathroom! There was a break in the floor tile and that's where I found the mushroom...very weird.

    Glad the kitties went to the Vet.

  3. One winter I started to see a bunch of sprouts growing in my potted plants. It turned out the field mice were storing corn seeds in the soil of my plants. Pretty soon I had corn growing indoors.

  4. A couple yrs ago noticed some little starts of something growing up drain in hall bathroom - finally figured it out that when Taylor was soaking Cheyenne's grain in can, she had spilled some seeds down drain!!! Your kitten stories reminds me of "Mike" - he was sure a cool cat!!! Your soap is wonderful - I cut off Sally some of each of them and se loves the soap, too!!! When will you be set up to start selling it??

  5. I'm back - the lap top has been in the hospital for a week.

    Once when I had a roomie, she had mushrooms growing in the closet - but did not bother to tell me about the problem. Turned out the roof was leaking. :(

    Love love love the soap! I gave the unscented to a friend that has allergies to fragrance. She loves it and wants to know how mucha nd when will you start selling.. I feel so clean after my showr. No residue on my skin.