Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Morning.

Well, I'm on Taylor's laptop. For some reason mine wont connect to the Internet. The reason may be that I have a dig down load from Trend virus. Oh well.

Yesterday Linda and I went on a road trip. Did 250 miles. We went up into the Green Horn Mountains and went on a lot of back trails. It was real foggy and also snowed on us. Maybe about 3 inches of snow? Linda also got us lost ( We tend to have that happen to us ) not really lost lost but there are so many back road and with the fog it was hard know what road we wanted to turn on.

Before we went up into the mountains we went through some small towns . One town was call Cokedale. Way back when it was a smelting plant town for coal. I got some nice pic of the old coke ovens but...I'm not on my computer so I can't download the pics.

Also there are some really nice places that I would love to move to. I didn't think that I missed mountains but when I'm around them I think that I do miss them.

Kellie, noop, I wont be back on Saturday. Linda took Friday off and also planned a bonfire tonight so I'm going to stay for that. Have I told you that you are a great cook? and a wonderful friend? And you dress real nice? Well, you do. By the way, can you check on the goats and kittens Sunday morning? The kid was going take care of them Saturday morning and that would be the last. They will be OK Saturday night but Sunday I would like to make sure that they have water and some food. I will be home Sunday mid day. Thanks


  1. Will do. Looking fwd to you coming home.

  2. krissy.
    sounds like you are having a great trip. I know what you mean about the mountains!! drive safely back. I'm sure your girls will be happy to see you. Did you leave the cats inside or out while you were gone?

  3. I was wondering about the kittens too....inside or out?

    The library just wasn't the same without you Aunt Krissy. Drive careful and have a safe trip back to WI.

  4. I'm sure the kitties are indoor safe and snug. Krissy is an old softie.