Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lonnnng day.

I left my friend Linda's house at about 8am and I stopped driving at about 8.15pm. I only made a little bit over 600 miles. It has been very slow and kind of stressful driving. I saw one car go off the road behind me due to icy roads and I saw a big tractor-trailer rig on it's side a few hours later.

I took a different route going back home. I went north on I-25 to Pueblo and there I took Hwy 50 East to Kansas ( Why? Because I can! Roads baby, roads!) I stayed on Hwy 50 till I got to Garden City and then caught Hwy 156 to Great Bead. It was freezing rain all the way! I had to pull over 6 times to smack my wipers due to the ice build up. I was wishing that I had on my shorts and tank top as I had to have the heat on full blast to keep the windshield free of ice. It's a good thing that I took the route that I did and not take I-25 past Pueblo as I heard that they closed parts down to the freezing rain.

After Great Bead I stayed on 156 to I-80 and then went into Salina. I stopped at Wendy's to have a late lunch and the drive thru person called his co-workers over to see all the ice that had built up on my truck. At Salina I went North on 81 till I caught Hwy 136 at Hebron Nebraska till I called it quits in Beatrice NE. I had some more freezing rain and also some snow. The clerk here at the hotel said that we are to get some snow tonight. ( Fun) I plan on going into Missouri a little bit, then up to Iowa and on I-35 till I get to MN and then over to WI and home so I can kiss my goats and kick the kittens.

My truck Friday morning.

Here are some pictures from the road trip on Thursday.

This is the snow falling , it was very pretty with the fog and the fall colors. The coke ovens in Cokedale. When they were up and running.

The coke ovens now.


  1. Wow Kris, that sounded bad. We just got a dusting of snow here with some strong wind. Please be careful and get home in one piece.

  2. Travis and Becky are in Moberly, MO if you are driving through. I think that's more central than you are going, but kind of rude to bypass your nephew! we still don't have snow and you do! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  3. Oh, yucky, yucky snow and freezing rain. Hope the roads are better for you today.

  4. Hey Aunt Krissy, I think the road tripping is inherited, I really like seeing places I've never been and revisiting places I haven't been in a while. Pak Art didn't say that it has been raining for a week now and my backyard and ally is nothing but small lake now I'd rather have snow. My friend Jeff says that here are only three seasons in Ak Last Winter, This Winter and Next Winter.....But then he is one of those extreme snowmachiners. Hope you get home soon so you start writing more regular and hope Pak Art feels better so she starts writing more often too. Read both of you daily and its been fun kickin it with your commenters but not the same as keeping up with youse guys

  5. I hate driving in bad weather. Glad you have your truck.
    Oh, those poor kittens, no kiss for them?

  6. Just another day for a transplanted Alaskan, eh? lol

  7. BRRRR cold! We have lost nearly ALL the snow in the Chuach Mountains. YAHOO!!!!
    I for one would be willing to suffer thru this warm snowless weather until about the 20th of December but then it needs to leave the after Rondy ends!

  8. Do yo ever put a can of "Heat" in your gas tank to take care of any moisture??

  9. I am ever grateful for the snow and ice driving experience I gained in Alaska. It has come in very handy here in the lower 48, from watching the road turn to sheet ice ahead of me (and trying to out run it) to driving through a blizzard in the middle of nowhere, Columbia River Gorge area. I don't venture out if I don't have to, but I know I can handle it if I need to.