Sunday, October 11, 2009


Is there anything better then coming home? Yes, there is but coming home is in the top 10 I'm sure.

The road was good today. No ice, no rain and no snow. It was cool pretty much the whole day but it did get warm enough that by noon-ish I had shed all the ice that had built up on the truck.

I left Beatrice Nebraska by 8am. I must have been beat as I did not get up till 7am. I stayed on Hwy 136 till I got to Bethany Missouri. I got gas ( for the truck, not me ) in a town called Maryville in MO. After a few hours of driving I noticed that my truck engine was slipping? hick-upping? It was acting up. I was worried that I might be having a transmission problem. I could feel in my foot that was on the gas peddle. I started to think about what I might have to do if the engine conked out on me. Worse case was to leave in on the side of I-35 and get a tow truck and tow it to a garage and start paying out the nose to get it fixed. It started getting worse and I was also getting low on gas. The lower I got on gas, the worse the problem became.....AH HA! I started to think that maybe I just got bad gas. I got more gas and the problem started to go away. After about 2 hours driving with new gas the truck ran fine.

I might have to do a road trip now to MO. That sure was some pretty back roads that I was on. I also have a nephew and niece in-law that live in Central MO and also my sister Patty has a slew of in laws that live in MO.

When I got home I was shocked, shocked I tell you at how big the kittens have gotten. Also they are so brave now. When I left they would not get of the steps, now they run right out and into the garden bed and under the truck ( Hum, under the truck....thinking...thinking....naaa, I wouldn't do that! I love the kittens.)

The goats seemed happy to see me or more like the armful of hay I had for them. I will hang with them tomorrow.

When I came home Abby went right to her water dish, drank a lot of water and then gave me a "gift" that I had to clean up. Nothing like warm vomit, but hey, bright side, it was mostly water!


  1. I'm so glad you are home Krissy. Home does feel good doesn't it?

    Cool library tomorrow, you bet. You will be in 7th heaven for sure.

  2. Glad you made it home safe & sound and I'm sure all the kids were happy to see you. No snow here yet and about 10 degrees above normal. Global Warming!

  3. Glad you are back home safe and sound. What's up with Abby? Isn't she puking more than usual? Time for a check up maybe? Sounds like your houseguest did a great job. Yes, go to MO. Kids would love to see you and so would my in-laws. they love you!

  4. 1. I saw your mommy at church today. She is very proud of you!
    2. Sleeping in your own bed tonight will be wonderful!
    3. Rose - I love global warming!
    4. I need more soap - will send check.
    5. Glad you made it home - safe and sound and that the bad gas did not cause a big $$ towing bill!!
    6. I knew you would love those kitties.
    7. I agree with Patty - sounds like Abby needs a visit to the vet.
    8. Blessings Krissy and thanks for being faithful to your blog. I love being able to keep in touch this way.
    9. With the exception of a little bit in the crags - the snow is gone from the Chugach Range!!!!!

    Sleep tight Krissy..

  5. Aah, your own bed, toilet, couch, kitchen, fridge and all that. Nothing like it. Not to mention the ruts we get into and don't relize it until we go to someone else's house.

  6. Welcome home. Why do pets insist on doing the "welcome home, I missed you" barf?

    Glad nothing was wrong with your truck!

  7. When Abby puked in the truck in CO there was signs of horse poop in it and she drank a lot of water. She had water to drink in the truck but only drank a little bit of it now and then. When we got home last night she drank half her bowl. I just think that she drank to much to fast.

  8. remind me to rent a car if I ever come back down. I bet your truck has a lovely aroma - even stronger than it has been.

  9. I'm so proud of you for posting the Aspen picture (was worth it to go back for it. Sure could use a burger/fries from the Shop N Bag in Stonewall about now - hum, maybe Mike will need some help over that way this week!!) even tho' it does't do the colors of the trees justice like in person. Sun starting to come up when left home at 630a but when got down to Colo City the fog/low clouds were there - at least no ice fog. Had wood stove going all day Sat/Sun. peeled/cleaned Anaheim chili's until around 6pm Sat (watched movies downstairs while doing it so wasn't so bad) got about 14 sandwhich bags full. Glad you are home safe & sound and miss ya already!!

  10. Yay! There is nothing like the feeling of coming home.
    Missed you at the library this week. Lisa and I get stuck in our work and become two old little fuddy duddies plugging away. We need Krissy!

  11. Welcome home. I love to travel but I love coming home even more. Makes you appreciate what you have. I'm glad you had a good time.

  12. Glad you made it home safely Krissy - it sounds like you had a great time!

    Maybe Abby will settle down now that she is back at home