Monday, October 12, 2009

This and that.

Today was the first day back to work for me. I didn't forget how to do stuff. This week is Teen Reading Week. The library is encouraging teens to read. I say "Off with their heads!" ( Just so you know, I helped teach Sunday School with my sister many many years ago. It was acknowledged that I don't have a "heart" for kids unless I know them and love them.) They spilled popcorn all over and left cups in the stacks and one girl spilled her hot coco all over the computer table. Lucky for us it did not get into the keyboards, just under it all and made a mess.

It was cool in the library. The temp got up to 60. That is 2 degrees colder then my house so I though that it was OK. I was glad that I did not wear the short sleeve shirt.

I think that on Wednesday I am going to give my truck a good inside and outside scrub. A wall of stench hit me tonight when I got into it heading for home. I might have dragged in some horse poop and not realized it. ( And the dog vomit smell ) But just so you know. This is not as bad when my dog ate dead,washed up crab on the beach and up-chucked that on the back seat! Talk about a bad smell!

Linda, enjoy the jalapeno stuff olives and also the hot peach salsa. I think I left them in the back of your truck.


  1. Don't you have a "no drinks near the computer" policy? You should. Hope you kept your patience because it is good for all those kids to read and enjoy coming to the library. You don't want to be remembered as that mean ol' librarian.

  2. Bummer forgetting the jalapeno stuffed olives and salsa.. Linda will enjoy them I'm sure..

  3. Krissy - you make horse poop sounds like icky stuff - I look at it as $$ laying there (especially now that having to feed more!!!). We discovered your jars of goodies rolling around on ay home last night - will get them in the mail in the near future - well hopefully by Christmas - you know me!!

  4. It's funny how some of the teens are pretty conscientious and pick up after themselves and others leave a trail of destruction in their wake.