Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Road trip. Wednesday.

Linda's car broke down and her other car is in the shop so I took her to work and took her daughter, Taylor to school. Taylor is taking some classes at the community collage in Pueblo. After I dropped them all off I went to
Barnes & Nobel to use their WI-FI. I got my hot chocolate and went to open the computer case and that's when I realized that I grabbed Taylor's laptop not mine! ( grrrr )

I finished my hot coco and then took Abby for a walk. After her walk she was thirsty so I stopped and got her a bottle of water and put it in her drinking dish. About 10 seconds after drinking her water, and I'm on the road, she looks at me, opens her mouth and vomits and vomits loads of "stuff" I can't do anything as I'm driving. I get a chance and pull into a gas station and buy a roll of paper towels and some wipes and take care of it. For those that know me, yes, I'm urping also, I now have more then Abby's "stuff" to clean. ( P.S. I'm kind of hungry now! )

When that all got taken care of, I found a public library and got a guest pass and am now online. I'm going to pick up Taylor from school and meet Linda for lunch. We are going to a sushi place.

I sold 28 bars of soap! It's a good feeling that people liked it enough to buy it. I also am going to be very busy when I get back. I have lots of orders to fill as I did not bring enough of some types of soap. I really didn't think that the BAY (not BOY!) soap would go but it did. The White Spruce, which is my personal favorite was not a big hit. Some bars got sold but Bay was the one that people wanted. I also thought that the Lavender would go as it's such a classic scent but I still have about 4 bars left. Also I need to finish getting my soap site all set up. I'm almost done with it.

Tomorrow Linda and I are going to do a little road trip around here. She also likes to go out and about and see what's around the next bend. Her and I have gone on a few road trips in the past.


  1. Oh boy Krissy, wonder what Taylor thought when she opened up "her" lap top case and found out it was yours!!!! And.. as you probably already noticed, I forgot to give you my cell phone!!! Oh cripes, they had better have the Yukon fixed so I don't have to smell dog barf on the way home (but thank goodness I have a much much much stronger stomach!)

  2. Yucky, smelly dog barf!! What made her sick?

    Still have not heard from you house sitter, so all must be well.

    Gald you have sold a bunch of soap. That must make you feel good. Rewarding, has been worth the effort and all that.

    Are you still planning on being home Sat afternoon? Just curious.

    AND no LH you can't keep her!!

  3. Congrats on selling so much soap. That's awesome. Sounds like you're having a great time. Well at least for most of the trip. Sorry to hear Abby was not feeling well.

  4. That's too bad about Abby....she is feeling better now I would think?

    don't forget us when it comes to the soap...the other day the Gman had a bit of a wild look in his eye, and said you have to tell Krissy, I need more White Spruce....and...he said it more than once....oh oh...and I still need the Lavender :)

    I am not surprised you sold so much make Awesome Soap!



  5. I'm glad everyone likes your soap Krissy. I was working in your behalf today and told someone that came into the library (story time) that you would take her "free" goat milk that she is giving away. She has lots. She will talk to you next week about it. Hope that's ok.

    It sounds like you are having fun...good for you.

  6. Wow - that's a lot of soap. Get back to work! I so do not miss your dog barfing up on stuff....was it grass? Remember when she puked up clam stuff? Nasty!

  7. How could you think of sushi after all the urping?