Sunday, April 11, 2010

Home front.

My hens are giving me two eggs a day now. They like to lay them in the goat pen. They do not like the roost or the nesting boxes that are in their coop. Not sure why, other then maybe they don't like to be up in the air? I am going to make some nesting boxes and put them at ground level. I don't mind them laying eggs in the goat pen but I don't want the goats breaking the eggs by stepping on them.

Today was a nice day. It got up to 70 at the house and I put two loads of clothes on the line to dry. I was not going to do that as when I went to church this morning the smell of cow poop was in the air. I was worried that my clothes would pick up that scent! But the wind changed and all now all I can smell is fresh air. They are dry now so I will get them here in just a few minutes.

Remember a few post back I talked about the series I was just starting to watch on NetFlicks called Dexter? Well, I'm hooked! I stayed up till 2am this morning watching it. I did make it to church though! My fault for staying up late, not the church's fault. I was able to watch season one and two on NetFlicks instant play but season three and four I will have to watch by DVDs and I can only have tow DVDs at a time. No, I don't recommend the series for all. The main guy is a serial killer, that works for the Miami Police Department and you like him. ( Hey, he only kills bad guys!)

Also today I had the girls out for about two hours while I read. Juju ate just fine and then laid next to me and her tummy was making good sounds and I watched her chew her cud. That was very interesting by the way. She would give a very lady like belch, a little head movement and I could see a lump come up her throat and then the lump would be in her mouth, her eyes would then half way shut and she would start to chew.

Now it's back to homework. ( I hate homework! )


  1. Actually as a kid I was always intrigued by the cows chewing their cud. Your goats seem so much more like pets that cows do though.

  2. I'm so glad the girls enjoyed their day outdoors. Hope Abby could get outdoors too.

  3. Hey Krissy, When are your "grand-goats" due?

  4. 2 eggs a day! That's great! Are you getting tired of eating them yet?