Monday, April 12, 2010

This and that.

Today I got an egg that was still very very warm! It must have just come out of the chicken. For some reason, a warm chicken egg is not off putting to me, but you want to know what is? Well, I bought some meat sticks from a local store that sells local food. The sticks are yummy, till I read what they were made out of. For some reason, I find beef lips to be very off putting! I tried to eat a few, but I kept seeing me chewing on a cow's slobbery lips! Abby sure likes them though. No problem for her to eat cow lips, but then she will eat goat berries too. (Goat berries is a nice way of saying poop)

Today in my writing class is was mandatory that we all showed. There is, I think about 23 students in this class, only seven of us showed! She wanted us to show up as she gave a lecture of how to do APA reference page and also how to use in-text citations for our research paper. First off, APA stands for American Psychological Association.

What I want to know, how come a psychological association has the power to say that this is the way you will list reference and use in-text citation? Why not the Webster dictionary people or some writing university? We have to turn in by next class a rough draft of the reference page (APA style) and a page or two using APA style of in-text citation. I have the reference page done, but she did not show how to do APA style on a book that was translated into English! I HEART GOOGLE! I found some examples and it is a rough draft and there is no grade for the rough draft. All will be well.

I have one page done using two APA style in-text citation. I need to write a paragraph or two and get my third one in. Also this is a rough draft. It's nice that this is all rough drafts that we can correct and then re-write for the research paper.

Tomorrow, Tuesday is the last time that we have to bring in a "goodie bag" to share with our class mates. I am tired of getting candy so I made little veggie bags for my class mates. I'm giving them carrots, celery, red, green and orange bell peppers and sugar snap pea pods. The bags look nice with all that color.

I need to figure out when I'm done with these two classes. Also, I need to look at my finances and see if I can take six more credits for summer school. If I can keep taking six credits for each quarter, then in two and a half years I will have my Associates degree. I would kind of like to push it and take nine credits but then I think about how much more homework would come with that and then I think not!


  1. We call them sprinkles but I like goat berries sounds cute. So ya one clever cookie! gave up on study yrs ago, but Like going to community college for short term stuff and it's great meet poeple there.

  2. I wonder if goat berries would be good in my garden? Maybe I'll have to bring my rake over, hee, hee.

    Hey Krissy....good school plan. Keep plugging away and you'll have your Associates degree before you know it.

  3. eww..I couldn't eat a warm egg or cow lips. Even those fresh eggs Kellie gave us when I went down there were too fresh...or off putting as you would say. I haven't really heard/used that wording before. Sounds very polite though.

  4. Ewww...that's a gross ingredient listing.

    The time will go faster than you think, keep plugging away at a speed that's do-able.

  5. Better to cram classes now than have to do it if/when you go to work full time! Hey, didn't you eat Rocky Mtn. Oysters at my Dads?? (Maybe that was Helen & Irene that were brave enough to try the finer things in life!!) Lordy, anyone who eats pickled herring should be able to eat cow lips!!!

  6. I agree w/CC, if you can eat pickled hearing and RMO surely beef lips are no big deal?!?! What do I know tho, I don't eat any of that stuff!