Friday, April 9, 2010

Worry Wart.

This morning when I went to feed the girls, they both called to me and I opened the pen and let them out. I put grain in the food bowl and Maggie put her two front feet on the stand and started to eat the grain through the head hole thing. Enough! I lifted her back side up and got her on the stand and she ate the rest of her grain on the stand. ( Not as easy as it sounds, she is heavy and was wiggly)

Juju went outside and was nibbling on grass and stuff. I put her in the pen, gave them fresh warm water as it's 15 at the house this am. When Maggie was done I put her in the goat yard and got Juju, Juju showed no interest in the grain. I put the bpwl of grain right in front of her and she turned her head and walked away. I left the bowl with her, came back in a few minutes and she still had not touched her grain.

Is she sulking cause I let Maggie eat first? I'm pretty sure that Juju is the queen goat.
Is it because it's cold and she just wants it to be spring like we all do? Maybe she is tired of being preggers and just wants that kid out?

It has not been a year yet since I have had the goats, and this is my first time dealing with pregnant goats. I don't know what in normal. I have been reading my goat books and I'm working myself into a tizzy. Like in the movie Gone with the Wind, "I don't know nothing about birthing no babies!"

When I get home tonight I will see how she acts. I hope that she is just sulking and not something more.


  1. Wow Krissy, I would be worried also!

  2. You sound like a worried gramma! I don't think goats "sulk" because I don't think they are even that smart to know that you fed the other one first and hold a grudge about it. They are goats. Isn't she close to birthin them babies? I know I didn't feel like eating much as my belly got bigger.

  3. Oh they can hold a grudge! I have read where some herd queens will actually beat another doe until they die because they got milked first! My buck gets very, very upset if he is not fed first! Although I don't think that sorta thing happens with all goats... but it does happen. He butts the stall door and carries on something fierce!

    My herd queen has still not excepted my new doeling and tries to get her every chance she gets. The doeling has learned how to get out of dodge fairly quick, but she still gets it from The Queen...

  4. How many weeks till they are supposed to be due? I wouldn't worry to much if she's off her food for a day or two, as long as she's drinking ok. Maybe she was just being temperamental.

  5. How long does she have to go? If she's in her last month it could be Ketosis or pregnancy toxemia. I'd keep a close eye on her and if she doesn't start eating within a day or two call the vet.

    We thought Febe had that last year. She had 4 weeks to go and she was not well. But it was bad hay she had gotten into. I thought they could only get Ketosis after they delivered, but they can get it about 4 weeks before they kid.

    I don't want to panic you, just prepare you. These goats are going to be the death of us or drive us to drink. One or the other.

    Febe delivered 2 boys yesterday and they have diarreah. Her kids last year did the same thing. It freaks me out!

    Good luck. Email me and let me know who things are going.

  6. Good luck with your goaties. I'm on lamb watch for two ewes who will probably lamb while I am in Juneau next weekend.

    Lisa - give the kids some probiotics. Their mom's milk is too rich for them and they don't have the good gut flora. I like DynaPro but anything (even yoghurt!) will work in a pinch.

  7. Thanks for the info! Juju ate fine this afternoon. I had them out of the goat yard and she ate twigs, laeves and stuff. Then tonight she ate her grain just fine.

  8. Glad your Juju is eating again. Sure is nice to know some ladies that can advise you on goat issues :)

  9. So when are your girls due? Will your Vet come to attend the birth or will you and the girls be on your own?