Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm so, so sad. (Not really)

The reason I'm sad? I just ate the very last Sailor Boy Pilot Bread Cracker that I had. My sister, who's coming down to Wisconsin to visit me will be bring me some more. But till then? I'm cracker less.

For some reason today, I feel un-settled. Maybe because it's windy and cool and feels like fall? Maybe because I just balanced my check book? Maybe because the one cat Harvey is bugging me?
Maybe because I have no crackers?

Whatever the reason, I don't like it. I have not had this feeling in a long time, not since I moved here to Wisconsin. If it wasn't dark, I would go for a drive. Driving always calms my nerves. I normally don't listen to anything when I go for a drive. It allows my mind to wonder wherever it wants. Then my mind can mull things over. Maybe I just need to mull a bit.


  1. You need to draw a zentangle. You will have a small sense of accomplishment and it will be pretty. Are you wondering, "what is the meaning of life?" or more along the lines of, "where is my next cracker?"

  2. I'm sorry to read you are sad, well kind of. I felt like that today too! I think it was the cool dark weather conditions. Just imagine if we would have taken our bicycle trip...burrrrr.

  3. exactly how "cold" is it? Will it be 40's or 50 when I visit in october or will it be warmish in the 60's?

    okay...not lecturing, but go get the box of Sailor Boy and read the ingredients. what are the first two or three listed? Is the word "whole" as in whole wheat listed at all? Maybe you're not getting enough fiber and it's making you feel sad and sluggish?

    Not claiming to be the picture of health.(just ate half dozen cookies). just saying...

  4. Are you getting itchy feet krissy? Are you really sorry to see the HOT weather go?
    Are you dreading going to the market today and freezing your tookus off? Cuz I know you wont bring a coat..
    Why don't you come over and I'll make you some food and force some nice wine on you. Or you could bring that cider...

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  6. I got the ho-hums too. I think it is because I am exhausted. Just doing way to much. I love taking a drive with just me and my brain, too. Although with only about 30 some miles of road, I can't go too far, or let my mind wander or I'll drive off a cliff!

  7. Krissy, who is "Mr. Lonely"? A new admirer???