Sunday, December 12, 2010

Home bound

This picture was taken at about 4.30pm on Saturday. The snow was letting up. This picture was taken at about 10am on Sunday.

My poor dog Abby, she does not like the cold weather, nor does she like going outside to go potty when the wind and snow is blowing. I made her, like pushing her out the door made her go outside before we went to bed. Today, when I went to feed the chickens, Abby tried to follow my foot steps, she got about 15 feet, turned around, then barked at the door to be let back in. I'm sure the cats were laughing at her.

I shoveled around the truck so when the plow guy comes by I can get in my truck and move it.
And it's only -0- at my house and going to get colder and I want to make sure that I can go out and start the truck. Until the plow guy comes by I'm stuck at home. If he doesn't come by today I will not be going to school or work on Monday. I did move the truck back and forth just to see what the snow was like. Even in 4 wheel drive I wont be able to get out, and that's not even trying to go though the drifts.

Where I live I'm at my power goes out often. I have the heat cranked up to 74 in case it goes out. That way it will take longer for the house to cool down. I am wearing shorts in the house. Feels like summer inside. I might just have to go get the fan!


  1. Did you get all the wind, too? It's crazy windy here and I've got drifts over my head. I think it stopped snowing, but it's hard to tell with so much of it blowing around.

  2. wow...that's alotta snow! Sorry you're homebound but it seems like a perfect time to make a batch of brownies....that's what I'd be doing!

  3. I suppose your also wearing a tank top!!!! You are to funny Krissy!

    I hope the guy comes to plow you out, unless he's stuck too.

  4. Winter wonderland - you actually did a lot of shoveling. Tim says you should get a kerosene stove just like at the cabin for when your power goes out in the winter. It would help you worry less and your pipes woudn't freeze.

  5. CVPT - yep, it is windy here too
    I would do a little more shoveling but with the drifting snow? Why bother, it will just get covered back in.

  6. Might sound crazy, but sure wish we would have gotten that storm. Hate to tell you but it's supposed to be in 60's today. Is horribly dry in this part of the county and we really really need the moisture.

  7. You sure did do a lot of shoveling Krissy! Hope your back and arms aren't too sore today. I know mine are.

  8. wow... we were supposed to get an inch of snow here this weekend and only got about 1/2 inch.. no shoveling for us!! bummer you couldnt make it over to see the pilots and hear stories!! that would have been fun.

  9. Makes me a little homesick for Alaska.