Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My bad.

I should have moved more south! I was wrong though, I thought that it was -28 this morning and it was only -26, what was I crying about? -26, that's okay, -28, no way! Too cold for me When I got to work today i was sent home. The furnace at work went out over the night and the building was filled with gas and also very cold. When it got fixed I went back to work at noon.
Also, I only have two more days of class! Then school will be over for the semester! Yippee Skippy!
I'm going to take a road trip in January to CO to go help my friend Linda pack up stuff. And you all know, Krissy loves a road trip. But I think that this time I will go get a cell phone. there are some long stretches that towns are far and few in between and in the winter I think that a cell phone might come in handy. Just for the what if factor.


  1. That's COLD! We had 1 above. Which means your cold air is moving this-a-way. Not fun. Ok, I just checked and it's -2 right now. I hate to guess what tomorrow morning will bring.

    Enjoy your road trip. Pick up a Tracfone. You can get em for as little as $10-$15. They work perfectly well for making calls.

  2. Thanks for putting up with our circus at work....only in a small town!!!!!

    Glad your truck started up this morning despite the cold temps.

  3. Krissy! Walmart has the Tracfones that you can just do the prepaid minute thing... I think thats the best way to go. When our contract is up with our cell service, thats what I'm going to do!!

    your road trip sounds fun.

    we havent been too cold this winter yet, but today the wind is blowing about 30 with gusts to 45, so it feels cold! its supposed to blow till tomorrow afternoon


  4. Brrr Krissy you are making me cold!

  5. wow that's cold! It always amazes me that you get much colder temps than we do and we're in AK. I guess further north we'd be just like you. Fairbanks has already had some pretty frigid temps. So how long did it take to get your road plowed?

  6. Gosh Krssy - hate to tell you that Pueblo hit record temp yesterday with 72 degrees (hear it's gonna cool off in 30's tomorrow). Blowing since last night(feel like I live back in Dutch Harbor!!) They are talking snow tonight but only enough to mess up roads in my part of state. Am so excited you are comin' & keeping fingers crossed for good weather for your trip. Cell phone darned good idea.

  7. Good idea for getting the phone Krissy. And yes it is damn cold!

  8. Lisa told me this morning about the furnace going out.

    I think getting a cell phone is a good idea. That's a long way to travel by yourself in the winter time.

  9. South might not have helped. It was SIX degrees the other morning. In fact, it was colder here than Anchorage!

    Of course, it went from 23 yesterday morning to 54 this morning. I liked the cold and could have cared less had I a better way to get water to the horses than by just hauling buckets. (Which I can't do because I'm injured and I'm glad my husband was home to do it for me).