Monday, January 14, 2013

Same job, different time

Today was the first day on my new shift. So odd going to work with the day getting brighter and brighter.  My new co-workers all seem nice. They are also older them the shift I was on so there wont ( I hope!) be as much drama!

Not to diss my sex, but girls under the age of 24 have lots and lots of drama and they do not know how to leave it at home. They bring it right to work!  Truth be told, it's very highly entertaining to this 48 year old.

Bum thing about today though, work is slowing down. So me and 2 others got sent home after 4 hours of work. If it's slow tomorrow, then someone else will go home. Looks like we all take turns.
I can take some time that I have built up to cover it, or just be short the hours or do all that paperwork for unemployment.  I will talk it over with TJ,  Nice to have someone to talk these things over with. 

You know what's also  nice? I will be able to cook dinner tonight, which will be fish and green beans. TJ and I will be able to have a meal together, watch a little TV and I wont be waking him up at 11.30p when I get home cause I will already be here! 

Aunt Krissy, dinner maker.


  1. bummer about going home early, but at least they are spreading it around. glad you are able to get on the day shift.
    I tried to get Bill to have Salmon for dinner, but he vetoed that. Chicken instead :-)

    have a great rest of the day!

  2. I remember Dean always telling us that January was a month where employees got laid off or reduced hours @ your work place. Hopefully it won't last long.

    I bet you love making dinner for TJ! I'm happy for you Krissy girl!!!

  3. Krissy we at SBS are trying to sell as many of your windows as we can! :-)

  4. Dinner sounds good, glad you are on the day shift!

  5. I also don't like very fussy co-workers. Unfortunately, I've several. They all are over 30 and they are unbearable. Women at this age are so weird, aren't they?

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